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It's time to change your payroll provider so let us introduce our solution - Orange Tax Services

Laura Boon - payroll processor

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Having difficulties with your current payroll provider?

We hear many stories of miscommunication or no communication at all between payroll provider and client. This can happen with small companies who process your payroll, but it can also happen with larger ones such as ADP and BDO.

In such cases, questions do not receive the appropriate responses or the needs of the client are misunderstood or misinterpreted. Of course these companies do have many satisfied clients, ones we do not actually meet, but if you are not satisfied and are looking for an alternative, look no further, just contact us.

Orange Tax Services

We at Orange Tax Services are of the opinion that we do have our communication on track. We can meet a three-day turnaround request and we are professionals with many years of experience.

If you think you need ADP or BDO because of your global payroll needs, think again. We provide an outstanding global service which easily compares with ADP and BDO. Again with a three day turnaround plus one dedicated contact person. That person is a native UK English language speaker who does this work as a regular day job and is part of a global payroll team with many years of experience.

If you still don’t think we can offer a global payment system, think again. We can offer a one payment solution for a global payroll with no bank charges.

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