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My name is Laura Boon and I have been active in payroll processing since August 2000. I refer specifically to payroll processing, as the word ‘payrolling’ can also be interpreted as umbrella payrolling. Umbrella payrolling implies the payroll company employs the employee. That is not what we do at Orange Tax Services.

I also blog on payroll processing in the Netherlands here, so be sure to check in from time to time for the latest news.

At Orange Tax Services we process our clients’ payrolls. Our clients can be regular Dutch companies, subsidiaries of foreign companies, branch offices or non-resident employers. We process the monthly salary for these clients, inform them what needs to be paid to the employee, what to pay the Dutch tax office and in the case of a pension insurance, what to pay the the relevant company. If the client prefers, we can execute these payments ourselves. The client then receives a fund request for the amount to be paid via our third party bank account.

At the end of the year the employees receive their annual income statement. The employees can also include the managing director/shareholders who can determine their own salary depending on the company’s results. This salary needs to meet certain conditions set for this type of employee. We also take care of this.

We work with the 30% ruling, cafeteria model, work cost rule, limits on deductions payable to the employee and all sorts of wage tax legislation rules.

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